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Who is the Sandman?

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The Sandman ~1957

Dec. 1999, News Flash

As the Sandman finishes another night he rides off into the sunrise near his home in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Fingers sore, the only one to write the code for Needsleep.net, he clips along like the Lone Ranger. So it has been since the beginning.

Sandman started Needsleep content in March, 1995 to get the word out to the public about sleep and its disorders. Starting from scratch, one title page and a scan of a dream catcher for a logo, the journey was started to what you see now.

Why would he want to take on such an adventure? Here is the beginning of the tale and a little history about Needsleep's Sandman.

As the legend goes, Sandman graduated from the University of Georgia in 1978 (go dogs) with a B.S. in Psychology. No one knows why psychology, it just happened. Moving back to his birthplace, California, he began working at Stanford University's Sleep Disorder Center in 1979, watching people sleep in both the clinic and research center. In 1988, after taking a long nap, he came back to Stanford and began working with the group involved with training and education in sleep disorders. In 1992 he began working at NASA Ames Research Center with the Fatigue Countermeasure Program, conducting research on sleepiness and fatigue in pilots, where long haul commercial airlines was the focus. Four years later after collecting and analyzing data from the cockpit, and collecting a few hundred thousand frequent flier miles in the process, he went back to sleep education. But wait we are moving too fast, lets back up and hear some of the details of this sleepy journey.

It all began in 1979 when he was looking for work...(oops, need to get back to work on the forums)

Who is this masked man and why did he decide to stay out of the spotlight at Needsleep.net?

Stay tuned for the further adventures of the Sandman.

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