Making a Move

Due to events in 2012 Sandman had to give up the domain name Sleepnet and move to this location. All of the past content, over 300K pages, has been moved here and undated. Due to the size of the site the update will happen over time. Eventually all the pages will have the same look and feel of this Homepage.

Changes in Site Navigation

One challenge over the years was to find a way to quickly find the information one needed. Sleep disorders is a multidimensional subject making it difficult to quickly find information. The first stage of improvement will be showing quick guides to eliminate a couple steps. The final step will be drop down menus to give the opportunity to find the exact page you want in one step.

Feedback Wanted

The goal of NeedSleep is to offer the best information and education to the public around the world about sleep and sleep disorders.

In the past Sandman has always used basic html code making web designs. For this new site he is using advanced code which may cause problems with some browsers. If you experience problems viewing the new website please provide feedback to the Sandman.

If you have any suggestions or ideas to help with site look or navigation please send them along to Sandman.

Since starting the site in 1995 the web has gone through many changes. Hopefully will come back in a better way.

      Most of all Enjoy and Learn. Sandman