Enriched Air for REM cycle CPAP ide
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Enriched Air for REM cycle CPAP ide

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Posted by Captin Cannuck on March 18, 2008 at 06:37:35:

Normal room air is 21 percent oxygen and 79 percent nitrogen. When we use our CPAPs we breathe normal room air, only at slightly higher pressure than normal. When we had our sleep studies, we saw that apneas skyrocket when we are in REM sleep, due to REM paralysis of the muscles in our throats. When the muscles paralyze we get less oxygen than we need. But what if there was a way to boost the oxygen content in what little air we did get? What if, just for the brief period of REM sleep, we could boost the oxygen content beyond the 21 percent to a higher concentration of oxygen. What little air we did get could have higher oxygen levels and limit the negative effects of the apnea.

I wonder if anyone has ever tried giving enriched air to people but ONLY when they enter REM sleep. To do this, there would have to be a sophisticated feedback attached to the CPAP unit which would detect when the person was going into REM sleep. When it happens, instead of normal room air, the CPAP gives enriched air. It gives the enriched air for only the period of time when the person is in REM sleep (a couple of minutes). This is key, because too much oxygen is toxic. Also, I want to be clear than I not talking about pure oxygen. Enriched air is not 100 percent oxygen, it is made of higher than 21 percent oxygen air. Scuba divers use enriched air for deep dives. It is called "Nitrox" by the dive community. In any case, I am not a scientist, I just wanted to know if any scientists read this, if they could tell me if it would be worth investigating. Again, the idea is to briefly substitute room air with enriched air for only the period of time where the person is in REM sleep. After the REM cycle is finished, the CPAP returns to diffusing normal room air again.

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