Auto humidifier refill
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Auto humidifier refill

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Posted by Captin Cannuck on November 21, 2006 at 05:44:53:

The thing that is the biggest hassle for me is putting the water into the unit before bedtime. I am operating my APAP at high pressure, and the humidifier is very important to keep my mucous membranes lubricated. At times, I have awakened to bloody noses etc. caused by the machine running out of water during the night.

My suggestion is that XAP humidifiers could come with a docking device which they could attach to. The docking device would entail a water input hose leading from a water into the reservoir of the humidifier. The humidifier would be "smart" and would have a sensor providing feedback to the docking system. When the sensor detected that the reservoir was running low on water, it would send a signal to the docking system to fill humidifier with exactly the right amount of water (ie. exactly up to the watermark, and not over it). Gone would be the days when the owner would not have to manually put water into the humidifier, unless he was traveling of course. Additionally, the humidifier would never run dry because a sensor would give feedback to the docking unit that more water is required in the reservoir.

The APAP could be removed from the docking system and filled manually when the user is away from his home or on airplanes, etc. The docking system would be only for use when the user is at home.

The sensor of the unit would be not unlike the one that puts exactly the right amount of water into the cup that you gargle with when you visit a dentists office. Have you ever noticed that when you put your cup down, it automatically refills to exactly the right amount? That is what I mean.

Perhaps another feature would be that residual water would be removed in the daytime to prevent deposits from forming.

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