Re: New CPAPs and mask/nasal interfaces
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Re: New CPAPs and mask/nasal interfaces

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Posted by D.H. on February 21, 2006 at 17:48:38:

In Reply to: New CPAPs and mask/nasal interfaces posted by tommyboy on January 09, 2006 at 10:16:38:

• You can make sure that the rough part of the Velcro faces away from the patient! They haven't figured that one out yet!
• You can number or color code each place that the headgear attaches to the mask so that we don't have to figure it out when I'm ready to go to bed.
• The portion of the mask that rests on the forehead is usually made of plastic. I find plastic uncomfortable, fabric would be much better.
• The exhaust ports are generally too close to the patient. You should offer a hose connection to carry the exhaust away from the patient and the patient’s bed partner.
• A “cozy” to cover the mask to prevent rainout would be helpful.
• The mask should be adjustable in as many places as possible, without being so complex as to be impossible to use.
• The mask should be supplied with a parts list, so one can make sure that he didn’t miss any pieces when packing for vacation or hospital.
• The straps sometimes tend to annoy the ears. They should cross the neck far away from the ears.
• It should be easy to determine when it’s time to replace the mask.

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Subject : Re: New CPAPs and mask/nasal interfaces
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