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Posted by D.H. on August 22, 2005 at 16:59:32:

I donít know for certain, but my strongest suspicion is that only a tiny fraction of those who suffer from OSA are actually diagnosed.

If the number would increase significantly, say three-fold, I think that this would open the floodgates for more research, more choice in CPAPs, more sleep labs, and more knowledge on the part of doctors who are not sleep specialists. It would also mean that a CPAP would be viewed with less suspicion (or puzzlement) at airports, at borders, etc. It would increase the availability of spare parts or spare CPAPs should an emergency arise, especially away from home. It would make using one when hospitalized (planned or unplanned) a lot easier.

I still fear having a medical emergency, perhaps totally unrelated to OSA, and not being allowed to use my CPAP. Even if I wore a medical bracelet, I think that some doctors still donít believe that this is a serious condition. A larger number of diagnosed individuals would help to educate the doctors on this subject.

Lastly, more diagnoses in the developed world would bring us closer to solutions that can work in underdeveloped countries.

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