sharp screw
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sharp screw

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Posted by Elena on April 09, 2004 at 16:47:16:

I recommended the Breeze to my brother after my great experience with the Breeze giving me such freedom from pressure and marks on my face. I still think it is the best system I have tried so far. However, at least on our models the screw which adjusts the nose piece has a sharp point on it which points toward the right cheek. Actually the tip is dulled but the side of the screw is very sharp. My brother during a restless night, cut his cornea on the edge of that screw which resulted in his eyeglasses prescription changing (like lazer surgery to the eye can change the shape of the eye.) I don't know if they have improved their design yet but I would recommend covering the sharp part of that screw with silicone glue or Lock-tite or a rubber cap to prevent a similiar injury. ( Talked my brother out of taking legal action since I love the product so much.) Also I wish the venting system could be redirected up, since the air flow disturbs my husband and often chills my arm as it flows out when I side-sleep. I have had the problem of the arm which holds the nose piece snapping if I sleepily remove it too fast.I even ordered the replacement stronger piece, but I have a lot of hair and wear it with pigtails which I thread out through the velcro straps which really holds it in place instead of slipping around over my abundant hair. This contributes to the difficulty in removing it thus I think the breakage. Could it be made of metal or at least an alternate metal option be available? I feel that the angle of the nose piece could be made more adjustable inward. The idea of a protective carrying case would sure be nice since traveling with it is difficult to fit in to suitcases without fear of breaking it. After several weeks of use I noticed leakage from the seams of the nasal bulb piece which the pillows fit into. I put silicone glue over the seams to stop the blowing on my face. This is a quality control problem which should be looked into. All this aside, I am so grateful for this product which liberated me from marks on my face. Thank you for working for our comfort! Sincerely, Elena

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