Re: Noise, size, battery power, interfa
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Re: Noise, size, battery power, interfa

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Posted by GoodSleeper on March 23, 2004 at 13:13:15:

In Reply to: Re: Noise, size, battery power, interfa posted by D. H. on January 29, 2003 at 19:57:55:

You can make your own system easily, here is my car and backpacking solution for my Resperonics CPAP:

Solar Panel, pick one
-Uni-Solar USF32 (car camping) ~$200
-Uni-Solar UNI-PAC 30 (backpacking etc) ~$500

Charge Controller (to keep from overcharging battery)
-Morningstar Sunguard ~$35

Battery AGM lead acid
Figure out how many amps@12v your CPAP needs * 8 hours. My CPAP and my father's expensive automatic one uses a little less than 1 amp. So I need something around 8 amp/hr of battery.

Shop for Computer UPS replacement batteries.
I found these at Frys:
-Enersys Genesis NP7-12 & NP12-12. ~$30.

-Misc wire and connectors ~$30.

I use the 7 amp/hour battery for backpacking and the 12amp/hour when by the car. Charges completely in 4-5 hours with the above solar setup.

I put the batteries/controller in small carrying cases from sporting goods stores. I attached a connector between the charge controller and the batteries so I can use one controller to charge both batteries, one at a time.

Worked camping in tent in sub-zero night temperatures, very nice! Plus the solar/battery is good to power mobile phones and PCs, etc.

I wish I could get a ruggedized CPAP, mine has never broken but I'm worried it will someday, it looks/feels very breakable. When are the CPAP companies going to make products for younger, active people?!?

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