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Re: Home Sleep Testing

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Posted by raph on July 31, 2003 at 15:46:11:

In Reply to: Home Sleep Testing posted by Rip van Winkle on January 30, 2003 at 13:23:02:

I've actually set up a "budget" sleep study at home precisely to study my apnea more carefully. I've had two in-hospital so have a pretty good idea what to expect.

Basically, I use a pulse oximeter ($200-$300 at Internet auction), two respiratory effort belt sensors ($60 ea new) and a LabJack with preamp ($220 new) to capture all the data for the computer. I already know I have OSA, so the main use of this thing is to see how CPAP use, weight loss, and possibly other factors affect the severity.

I feel confident these two sensors give me a pretty good idea of the severity, but the main thiing I miss is EEG. Both times I was in the hospital, I showed no REM at all, but some nights I dream extremely intensively. However, home EEG is not for the faint of heart - safety is much bigger concern when you have low-resistance electrodes wired up directly to your brain. Unlike the situation with pulse oximeters, it's quite difficult to find "budget" gear.

Best of luck to everyone!

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