Re: A catchier name than "CPAP"
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Re: A catchier name than "CPAP"

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Posted by Stuperman on March 04, 2003 at 04:59:48:

In Reply to: A catchier name than "CPAP" posted by D. H. on February 03, 2003 at 17:02:26:


I call mine the 'snore machine'. I know - that indicates a function that is the opposite of its actual function.
But it's something the kids can understand...

I really like - 'dream machine' but that isn't very clinical.
Unless we're going to take up a collection and go into business ourselves we'll need a name that can be embraced by the medical community. On the other hand, what's stopping us from calling it a 'dream machine'?

Here’s some brainstorming I was doing…

Assistant breather
Breather, Breathing box
Venter, Ventilation box
Throat splint, Throat keeper opener
Plastic lung, Plastic snore preventer
Dream machine, Dream maker, Dream box,

Dream buddy * (my new favorite, sounds like it would be made by Popeil - Popeil's new pocket dream buddy... it humidifies, it pressurizes, it auto-adjusts, and if you order now... [- sorry it's friday afternoon])

Yup, until I hear something I like better my CPAP is now my “Dream Buddy”.
It sets the motif for a machine that you like versus a necessary evil that you need.

I have to go… and contact Remstar…

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