Country specific travel info.
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Country specific travel info.

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Posted by D. H. on March 01, 2003 at 16:38:00:

On a recent trip to Ireland, the two extension cords that I had packed did not reach from the bed to the lone available power socket. I had the correct adapter (which I identified beforehand from a general travel-info website). I did not need an adapter, as my CPAP is dual-voltage. When I asked to borrow an "extension cord" I got a song and dance about how I cannot plug in an American appliance to an Irish power socket. It turns out that what I needed is called an "extension lead" rather than an "extension cord" in the Ireland and the U.K. Had I asked for that, I think that they would have just provided the lead, and not asked too many questions.

This had inspired me to write a U.S. / U.K. dictionary of terms likely to be needed by a CPAP user.

In South America I found a bottle of “agua destilada” for sale in a gas station. In reading the bottle carefully, I noticed that it was not fit to drink.

What I would like to see is a page – perhaps on Needsleep – with travel information for CPAP users. Specifically, it should contain – but not be limited to – the following:
1. Where to get distilled water suitable for use in a CPAP humidifier.
2. How to say important phrases like “I must plug this in,” “I need an extension cord/lead,” “It’s a medical necessity,” and “This machine can be safely plugged in to a 220-volt socket.”
3. Information about obtaining replacement parts for a CPAP (I.E. do I need a prescription, etc.) should there be breakage.
4. Reliability of electric power in various countries and regions.
5. Information about the altitude in various places, and what adjustment would need to be made (assuming no automatic compensation).
6. What to tell a doctor or nurse if hospitalized.

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