Mandatory AutoPAP Efficacy Reports
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Mandatory AutoPAP Efficacy Reports

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Posted by - Sleepy Coote on March 01, 2003 at 13:14:43:

AutoPAPs are prescribed therapeutic instruments in most countries. Amazingly some doctors, insurance companies, and DME providers will indescriminately dispense AutoPAP machines as if applicability among models were completely interchangeable. Unfortunately nothing could be further from the truth. Both applicability and efficacy will vary drastically from model to model based on technology employed. Audio-based AutoPAPs require patients to give off an adequate snore as precursor to obstructive sleep events. These sonic-based AutoPAP models are totally unsuitable for patients not possessing such critical audio snore characteristics. Algorithm and hardware technology employed flow-based AutoPAPs can vary widely as well, yielding highly differing patient efficacy and applicability characteristics.

Presently, prescribing AutoPAP without matching patient sleep characteristics to specific AutoPAP response capabilities/characteristics does the OSA patient population great disservice. Indiscriminately prescribing AutoPAPs in this manner is very much like indiscriminately prescribing "medicine categories" versus precribing an exact medication.

Manufacturers: I know your technologies and algorithms are considered highly guarded "intellectual properties". But how would you like it if your doctor was forced to indiscriminately prescribe you a "pain killer" or "sleeping tablet" or "antibiotic" versus a more exact prescription or medication that is known to precisely and effectively address the specifics of your condition?

Medical Associations and Legislators: It is time to bring AutoPAP requirements into the twenty-first century along with narcotic prescriptions. AutoPAP manufacturers should be made to publish detailed patient efficacy and applicability charts so that the medical community is not left to prescribe these medical devices blindly.

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Subject : Re: Mandatory AutoPAP Efficacy Reports
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