CPAP that is usable in 3rd world
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CPAP that is usable in 3rd world

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Posted by D. H. on February 11, 2003 at 18:53:02:

There are many obstacles to CPAP accessibility in third world countries. At least this applies to the majority of the population in most third world countries. Here are some of the obstacles:

1. Since literacy and communications are not what they are in the industrialized countries, it is hard to promote awareness of OSA and sleep/wake disorders in these countries. It is even an uphill battle in the industrialized countries.
2. Even if one is aware of the need for a sleep test, one might not be able to get to a sleep lab, and the payment would be unaffordable (even a much lower payment than we pay in the industrialized world).
3. Even if one can get a good titration, the purchase or rental price of a CPAP machine would be unaffordable.
4. Even if one managed to obtain a CPAP with a valid pressure setting, electricity might be unreliable or even not available at all.
5. Even if one has obtained all the above, and is able to operate it, access to follow-up care or replacement parts might be problematic.

Ok, there are no easy answers to most of these, but I thought that Id throw them out there.

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