A catchier name than "CPAP"
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A catchier name than "CPAP"

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Posted by D. H. on February 03, 2003 at 17:02:26:

Any comments and suggestions are welcome. Forgive the indentation, or lack thereof. It was very well formatted when I typed in MS-Word.

1. Reasons.
a. The name CPAP is not a terribly attractive name.
b. People who see it for the first time donít know how to pronounce it.
c. People who hear about it in casual conversation tend not to remember it.
d. It applies only to the basic model (I.E. it excludes BiPAP and AutoPAP).
e. It could be confused with PAP smear.
f. It is too English-specific.
2. Objectives.
a. A name that will be more attractive to doctor, patients, and health plan administrators. Such a name might communicate the benefits and/or urgency of this machine.
b. A name that people will know how to pronounce when they see it.
c. A name that people will remember when the see it or hear it for the first time.
d. A more generic name that applies to CPAP, BiPAP, AutoPAP, or any other variation that may come along. The current use of nPAP or xPAP leaves a lot to be desired.
e. A name that is easier for people whose first language is not English. CPAP is an acronym that only works in English.
3. Suggested names (not all names meet all objectives).
a. SAM. Acronym for Sleep Apnea Machine
b. Sullivan Sleeper (after the man who invented it).
c. Kangaroo Sleeper (after the country in which it was invented).
d. Sleeping Matilda (a take-off on Waltzing Matilda). This name will be recognized and remembered easily. Furthermore, a female name might help shatter the myth that this OSA is only a male problem.
e. Sleep Silencer.
f. Velvet Lung. A take-off on the name Iron Lung. The latter was a machine that was used mostly for Polio victims in the 1950ís.
g. The Marriage Preserver. Somewhat self-explanatory.
h. The Bedroom Peacekeeper. Also self-explanantory. I am avoiding the word peacemaker, as it is too similar to pacemaker.

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