Nasalaire improvements
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Nasalaire improvements

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Posted by johnnewmexico on January 29, 2003 at 12:40:58:

From what I have seen the Nasalaire is one of the most user friendly interfaces out there but I am amazed at the improvements which are obvious to me after 2 months of use which apparently are not so obvious to the manufacturer.

1. Two straps rather than one. They issue the unit with one short velcro strap. The picture on the web site (which I never saw until 1 month after I had the unit) suggests that the strap should be worn behind the head to "hold" or "pull" the two tubes so they stay tight enough across the face. This is basically a good idea but poorly implemented. The problem is that the strap isn't long enough and is made of uncomfortable velcro which sticks to your hair and scratches. Before even seeing the website pic, I made one out of half inch elastic which was far better than the original. But for the first month I followed what my DME's instructions which was to wear the one strap on the front, under the chin. This causes the entire tubing to be tighter but hurts the ears which are a pivot point for the tubes. I used it this way for a month suffering from ears that were being bent over from the downwards pressure and having the tubes slip off the ears which then caused the nose pieces to fall out. This solution of adding a better "higher" strap would cost about 25 cents at most and would make the unit work so much better.
2. The hard plastic/rubber which is used in the nose piece should be softened with more of a bow so that the nose piece is "inflated" when air is flowing therby forcing the soft rubber to touch the sides of the nasal passage for a good tight seal. It is my understanding that this is called a "pillow" and is used by the units made by Breeze and Adams.
3. There should be removable and interchangeable nose pieces which can be mixed and matched to fit different size nostrils which could be fitted on a stub on the nose piece or which are part of a nose piece which can be fitted to another size for the other nostril just like it is fitted to the air tubes. I have one large nostril and a second which is between a medium and a large and no ability to deal with this problem. I use a large on the smaller nostril and it hurts and sometimes requires the use of antibiotic lotions during the day.
4. The noise of this unit seems louder to both me, the user, and to my wife, compared to the prior mask. While its worth it for the greater comfort and convenience, Something needs to be done. I don't have a solution but would suggest placing the exhalation ports further apart, more on the sides and make them longer or shorter to experiment, however, its not so much the exhalation noise as it is the constant positive flow noise.

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