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Posted by rae on January 28, 2003 at 22:59:39:

I'd like to have blood oxygen measured on the mask (instead of a separate finger attachment and I'd like a lot more information in the software download, such as whether apneas are central or obstructive, whether hypopneas are responding to the pressure I am at or whether I need more, and whether, if I need more pressure, over 10cms, when that is given a monitor tracks that it is not inducing centrals.
And I'd like 24 hour data collection, currently only have 8 hours per day and the software gets confused with several sleep sessions a day (the computer download that is).
I'd like a mask made with computer imaging to fit my head and face, with no hard plastic bits. And I'd like a simple way to dry my tubing...hanging it up is not efficient, it stays damp.

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