Options via greater modularity
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Options via greater modularity

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Posted by - Sleepy Coote on January 28, 2003 at 22:57:16:

Generally speaking I would like to have the ability to pick and choose options in an nPAP unit. Pay for the options I want, yet not be stuck with a bill for tons of options I don't want. I think increased modularity is a great way to deploy such a suite of optional features. Want a wireless network interface? Buy the card and plug it in. Want to hop up from fixed CPAP to auto-PAP? Buy the EPROM and plug it in. Want the distress pendent DH mentions in a post below? Buy the pendent and plug the wireless recever card in. More options. More modularity

PS. "Take live tuna, feed 'em mayonaise, **THEN** put 'em in a can!"

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