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Ask a Sleep Tech

Ask a Sleep Technologist - Questions and Answers

Disclaimer, Sandman is not an MD and my opinions should not be taken as medical advice. If you feel that you need assistance with medications and/or diagnosis, you should seek medical advice from a qualified physician.

- Is it ok to have country music playing all night long as infant sleeps?
- The Marines want to break my sons jaw to treat OSA. Is it justified?
- OSA without symptoms, what should I do?
- How do deal with thoughts that keep you awake?
Question 5 - Do CPAP machines require periodic adjustments?
Question 6 - What causes arms are in air during sleep?
Question 7 - Question about taping mouth closed for CPAP
Question 8 - What does my AHI mean?
Question 9 - Do hypopneas require CPAP?
Question 10 - What can I do to help my son's enuresis?
Question 11 - Should I be concerned with fatal insomnia?
Question 12 - What causes 7 mo. old to raise legs during sleep?
Question 13 - 7 yo with OSA without sleepiness, does he need Treatment?
Question 14 - Help, SRED with sleep study showing low REM sleep.
Question 15 - Is is normal for a 10 week old to sleep 20-22 hours a day?
Question 16 - 2 mo. old cries, moans and screams during sleep.
Question 17 - What causes shaking during sleep?
Question 18 - Could PLMD medication keep me from sleep well?
Question 19 - Is body rocking before sleep weird?
Question 20 - Can I take antidepressants when having a sleep study?
Question 21 - My 1 year old takes terrible naps plus CIO problem.
Question 22 - My husband is acting strange in his sleep.
Question 23 - What causes humming during sleep?
Question 24 - Is sleeping on our side recommended?
Question 25 - Could aspirating saliva into my lungs be caused by sleep apnea?
Question 26 - Why would cpap pressure change in short period of time?
Question 27 - My husband has problems breathing through his mouth during sleep.

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