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Ask a Sleep Surgeon

Ask a Sleep Surgeon - Questions and Answers

- Problems with CPAP should I consider surgery?
- Submucusal Lingualplasty Surgery?
- Does pillar implant work?
- MMA Problems
- Arrhythmias and OSA
- CPAP vs. Surgery
- Surgery and Pain Medication
- MMA numbness and swelling
- Doc says apnea but I'm not tired
- Surgery and swelling in the mouth
- How do the results of somnoplasty, base of tongue, reduce with time?
- Is it possible that CPAP simply doesn’t work for some OSA sufferers?
- After MMA, how long before the swelling goes down?
- Do CPAP machines require periodic adjustments?
- How does a MMA with rotation effect the airway?
- How about MMA revisions?
- Feels like I am falling just before going to sleep.
- How do deal with past thoughts that keep you awake?
- Help, what are my OSA treatment options?
- Questions regarding healing from MMA.
- Need help deciding if surgery is right for me.
- Throat closing after surgery
- Jolt while drifting off to sleep
- What would happen if I have sleep apnea and faint?
- Is there a relationship between sleep surgery and depression?
- Can scans clearly identify the airway obstruction?
- What advancement is needed for MMA to be successful?
- Is it necessary to treat hypopneas?
- What are MMA plates used for?
- Do I need to try CPAP before surgery?
- MMA and voice change, plus other related questions?
- Nerve pain after MMA, how long can it last?
- What could cause jolts of anxiety after UPPP?
- ‘I had a UPPP to treat apnea and now I’m paying for it’
-  Can surgery help daytime breathing?
-  Infant with sleep problems, what to do?
-  Choosing a sleep surgeon.
-  Is it possible to have long term pain with MMA?
-  How quickly does sleep apnea occur?
-  Should I consider MMA for mild OSA?
-  MMA vs Maxillomandibular Expansion?
-  Aerophagia- Auto CPAP or Surgery?
-  Is a nasal sounding voice common during recovery from an MMAy?
-  Why do I stop breathing as I fall asleep?
-  Why does my husband stop breathing and start running?
-  How many redo's of Sagittal Splits have you done?
-  How long to recover from multiple procedures?
-  Any help for stenosis after a UPPP?
-  What is Z-Palatoplasty?
-  What are the odds of a MMA relapse?
- The myth about sleep endoscopy.
- Weight loss and Sleep Apnea
- Nasal or Airway problem
Question 54 - How does the throat collapse during sleep apnea?
Question 55 - How often is revision surgery necessary plus nerve problem?
Question 56 - Dealing with medications following surgery.
Question 57 - Dealing with CPAP problems following multiple surgeries
Question 58 - Can symptoms continue even when using CPAP?
Question 59 - What is recuperation time for UPPP plus a tongue reduction?
Question 60 - Surgeries to reduce CPAP pressure?
Question 61 - Dealing with insurance issues for MMA
Question 62 - Do all MMA patients require orthodontics?
Question 63 - What should an ENT look for with child who has OSA?
Question 64 - What is the long term effectiveness rate for MMA?

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