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Forum Posting Policy

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Due to potential liability issues, some postings will be removed.


-Practicing medicine without a license
-Copyright laws
-Providing information on changing CPAP pressure
-FDA regulations
-Potentially harmful postings

Addendum to the TERMS OF USE:

The FDA requires a prescription to purchase a CPAP machine and a separate prescription to purchase the software that works with the machine for providing information. Making copies of software or manuals for others violates copyright laws. Posting of this nature will be removed.

Encouraging people to change their treatment without talking to their physician or educating them on how to change the pressure on their CPAP, is practicing medicine without a license. Posting of this nature will be removed.

Regarding negative feedback to postings: Hostile or aggressive postings will be removed.

Promoting purchase of equipment through auction sites.

Any suggestion which could cause harm for the person trying it.

I am sure there are many different opinions on what should be allowed on these forums and the freedom of speech issue has come up, but this is not the place to debate those topics. Needsleep.net is responsible for providing helpful information to a large world wide audience. We intend to keep it the best resource possible for Sleep Apnea.

People who continue to not follow the terms of use and these posting policies will be banned from posting.

Peace and sweet dreams,


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